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A species known as Merv's have been sighted all over the world!

Which one are you and what is your story?

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What are Merv's?

Mervs are a genderless species that have been appearing all over the world, seemingly adopting the looks and traits of things and beings around them.
Each Merv has their own unique story to tell, what is your Merv’s tale? 

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What is the Mob Hideout?

Mervs all seem to be heading to one destination: the Mob Hideout. By owning a Merv, you’re granted access to the pool room, a place that Mervs come to shoot pool and cut loose after a long day of mobbin.

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Our Team

MervMob was created by the 3 of us with the intention make some sick art, build a great community, and make friends along the way!!!! In time will plan to grow our team, and add to the Mob Family!

Artist, Dev, Idea
Web Dev
Solidity Dev

Artist's Note

I really appreciate everyone who has supported, is supporting, or will support this project. I took it upon myself to begin the journey on this project in April, right around the time that I figured out what BAYC was exactly (and also was priced out of). Merv Mob is more than just a project to me, it is an extension of my art that will establish an awesome community of people that want to build something more. Know that as the artist, I am going to do everything in my power to build value for Mervs, and that this is a lifelong endeavor that will be growing alongside me as I continue to forge on with my career. Mervs are not something I can ever leave behind, this character is a piece of me. I won’t lie, I cannot guarantee immediate sellout, I cannot guarantee the moon, I cannot guarantee anything other than that I am doing my absolute best and have put in 110% on this. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to establish something like this with my own character, and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who supports the mob. Thanks, everyone.


When are Mervs launching?

Presale date will be announced on twitter page, and in our discord! Follow us on Twitter, or join or discord to stay up to date on everything MervMob!

How many Mervs are there?

There will be a max of 5555 Mervs to ever exist!

How much will it be to mint a Merv?

To mint a Merv it will cost 0.055eth + gas. We have set a max mint to 5 mints per transaction, don't try to mint more or the transaction will fail!

How do I mint?

You can mint Mervs on our website, when the Mervs first appear! However, once they are sold out you will only be able to purchase them on a secondary market, such as OpenSea or Looksrare.

What benefit comes with a Merv?

Owning a Merv will give you access to the "Mob Hideout" and the "Art Vault" (as mentioned in the RoadMap), as well as full commercial rights.

Are Mervs randomly generated?

Indeed, each Merv is generated from over 100 hand drawn traits!

Do you own the IP of your merv?

We grant every Merv holder full ownership of their IP for their specific Mervs so long as it is in their wallet, HOWEVER we are firm believers in the power of provenance and will NOT be pursuing DMCA takedowns.